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Smart Home Sensors are Z-Wave Smart Home devices, which transmit certain environmental values or certain behavior to a wireless control centre. They also control other Z-Wave Smart Home devices directly, using the association function of Z-Wave. An example of such an association is the switching of a light with a smart motion detector.

The Hogar Controls CO Sensor detects air quality and alerts if the Carbon monoxide level crosses safety level. Applications include Homes, Storage rooms, Parking, Garage, office cabins, commercial buildings, shopping centres, schools, laboratories and more Smart and healthy Description- P..
Use: Universal input voltage: 90-250V output voltage: 24V COLOR: WHITE Memory capacity: Each channel can memory 10 channels in transmitter Bottom case: Chinese standard wall bottom case size: 86*86 mm or 172*86mm channel: Double channel name: A4 double channel touch screen radio recevier bu..
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