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1. Tell me a little about "Smart Homes" - what is a smart home? How do you explain this to a lay person?

Smart Home is a home that has intelligence built into it which can learn your preferences and behavior and adjust conditions accordingly. It usually has appliances and security systems that communicate with each other and can be set to control themselves or be controlled by a time schedule, or remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.
Any appliance in a home that runs on electricity can be connected to the home network and set to accept your commands. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home can be set to react.
To put in in a lay man’s term, it’s like having an assistant dedicated to manage your home, wherein your home is your assistant.

2. Has the "smart homes" trend caught on in India yet? Is it expected to grow tremendously in the future?

Yes, We have not only seen tech savvy customers who want to modernize their homes but also started seeing property developers offering smart homes to their customers. They are already in great demand. Some basic ‘smart home’ features are being offered as default by almost all of the property developers across India, this is a great indicator that smart homes trend is already in India.
Yes, we are expecting the smart home industry to grow exponentially from now. There’s a lot of scope in the industry.

3. Reasons for "smart homes" becoming so popular these days?

Smart homes are not just a ‘smart what-have-you?’ trend. They are going to be built with systems and sensors that make life more efficient and convenient. They have become a necessity because of the security features they come with and added energy efficient consumption features. When everything in a house is having some ‘smartness’ built-in already, it only makes sense to connect them together and reap in full benefits.

4. Popular smart homes technology / facilities? (Lighting, security, climate control etc)

There are quite a few technologies out there in the smart home industry, but the most popular one is Z-Wave. Brands like Fibaro that use Z-Wave technology are very popular. Anything that can be thought of, can be designed and implemented with this technology. A simple thing like a daily shower can be turned into an exhilarating experience. Control of the whole home can be at ones fingertip, they don’t have to move or change a hundred things to manage their home. Facilities are endless with this technology. Mood can be set using lighting, music, video, fragrance, temperature. Energy saving lighting, lights that follow them (illuminating only when needed). Automated curtains that can let sunlight in at right times saving energy. Auto door locks, window locks that operate when they approach them, or can detect an intruder. Knowing who was at their door step even when they are in office, securing their homes when their kids are alone at home. Entertainment systems that remember when to turn on or off, can control their kids’ TV time, Can play according to the mood set. Entertaining their guests will be so easy. Systems that use personal clouds to have all their media accessible every time and anytime. Food processing units that remembers when to turn on/off, maintain food temperature.

5. Benefits/ advantages of owning a smart home

Systems with Z-Wave can put devices on sleep mode, they can go to sleep and wake up when commands are given. Electricity consumption goes down when lights are automatically turned off in empty rooms, and rooms can be cooled based on who's there at any given moment.
All the above facilities are benefits/ advantages of owing a smart home

6. Smart homes and the environment

Smart Homes provide solutions for sustainable living with contemporary style and in harmony with the environment. They can reboot a home and make it easy to live eco-friendly. Smart Homes are definitely eco-friendly. Sustainable living through technology can be attained with the help of state-of-the-art energy monitoring systems, energy efficiency and green lifestyle choices. All the not so eco-friendly appliances can now be controlled well to reduce their impact on the environment. Smart Homes will help everyone reduce their carbon foot print.

7. Process for setting up a smart home

Having a budget and talking to an expert like us is all it takes

8. Future techonologies to watch out for in smart homes

Many big corporations are entering into this industry now. Apple, Samsung and Google may generate a lot of buzz in the future.


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