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Carbon Monoxide sensor

Carbon Monoxide sensor
Carbon Monoxide sensor

The Hogar Controls CO Sensor detects air quality and alerts if the Carbon monoxide level crosses safety level. Applications include Homes, Storage rooms, Parking, Garage, office cabins, commercial buildings, shopping centres, schools, laboratories and more
Smart and healthy
Poor ventilation or inadequate oxygen supply accumulate large amounts of carbon monoxide. Hogar’s CO sensor monitors Carbon Monoxide levels and sends alerts when CO crosses safety level.
Inbuilt siren and longer battery life gives provision for standalone operation or networked with Home controller.
Fresh air always
When paired with HC controller, It can do automated safety measures by Opening shades, run ventilation, Run HVAC or do a user defined activity. The ultra-small and beautiful design blends with home interiors when mounted on ceiling or under cabinets

-Hardware Specifications-
Working Voltage DC3V lithium battery
Static current ≤10uA
Alarm current ≤60mA
Sound Alarm 85dB/1m
Radio Protocol Z-wave
Alarm sensitivity 30ppm(120minutes)/50ppm(60-90minutes)/100ppm(10-40minutes)/300ppm(3minutes)
Wireless networking distance ≤100m (in the open area)
Working environment -10℃~+50℃
Working humidity Maximum 95%RH
Dimension 60*60*49.2mm
Radio signal power: max 1 mw

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