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11 May Smart Home System for Energy Saving | Z Wave India
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Nowadays, increasing energy efficiency is used to face the great world challenges, such as energy security, air pollution, climate change and economic crises, among others. Energy efficiency alternatives have the power to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing positively to the preservation of natural eco..
20 Dec Smart Home Gadgets - 2020 | Smart Home Controls | Z-Wave India
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Smart Home GadgetsWhether it is for your home or a flat that you are renting out, adding a few Smart Home Gadgets will give you a lot of mileage in terms of increasing your property value. Let's go over a few things you can do today to double your property value.Lighting Controls - Add Smart Switches and sensors that detect ambient lighting and pro..
16 Dec Smart Home Automation Sensors | Hogar Controls | Z-Wave India
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Smart Home Automation Sensors Temperature controls include Fan speed control, Outdoor temperature trigger, Environmental sensors, Analogue and Relay modulesSmart Home automation products can maintain your home at a comfortable level at all times, monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. Avoid getting up or even be at home at all ti..
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