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14 Feb Making Smart Home Life Simpler | Home Automation | Z Wave India
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As innovation progresses an ever-increasing number of gadgets are getting remote, bringing the fantasy of a completely computerized home nearer to the real world. With the Z-Wave India Smart Home system, you can let your appliances do the hard work for you, delivering control to your smartphone or tablet screen. The Z-Wave India system will save yo..
20 Jan How to Set up Smart Home Automation Products | Z Wave India
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Our experts are at work again, helping you with your queries, giving you tips and tricks of Smart Home systems. In this article, we will cover all the range of products you would need to set up a smart home. Let’s dig in!SensorsThe first thing that you need to get is sensors. Though these are not the first things that comes to one's mind when they ..
11 Jan Secure Your Family With Best Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India
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Safe and Secure Smart Home AutomationAre you looking forward to finding the best way to secure your family? Well, in this case, you should make sure of connecting with the perfect source that provides the best Home automation system for the home. There is often a situation when you are out of town and the kids at home, this is probably the most vul..
08 Jan Entertain your Guests With Smart Home Automation | Z Wave India
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A smart home without fun is so lame. When you have the latest and the best, gadgets and home of the future, then why not take some pride and introduce them to your guests. Smart home automation is a great conversation starter and introducing them to your friends is a fun and entertaining as it is to use and live with them.  Automate your living roo..
07 Jan 5 Ways to Save Energy | Home Automation | Z Wave India
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We are all looking to save energy, but a lot of don’t know-how. Here are 5 easy ways that we recommend you can use smart home automation to save energy and reduce your electricity and water bills. Smart ScenesSmart home scenes are the routines that you set for your home using smart devices. A simple scene that turns off everything except for your r..
01 Jan Smart Home Automation Security System - 2020 | Z Wave India
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Security has Changed in the Modern HomeTechnology has contributed to the changing the concept of the Smart Home Security System. It has transformed from a basic lock and key security idea to executing complex security frameworks utilizing cameras, amplifiers, contact sensors, vicinity sensors, cautions, quiet alertsBy associating present-day homes ..
20 Dec Smart Home Gadgets - 2020 | Smart Home Controls | Z-Wave India
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Smart Home GadgetsWhether it is for your home or a flat that you are renting out, adding a few Smart Home Gadgets will give you a lot of mileage in terms of increasing your property value. Let's go over a few things you can do today to double your property value.Lighting Controls - Add Smart Switches and sensors that detect ambient lighting and pro..
16 Dec Smart Home Automation Sensors | Hogar Controls | Z-Wave India
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Smart Home Automation Sensors Temperature controls include Fan speed control, Outdoor temperature trigger, Environmental sensors, Analogue and Relay modulesSmart Home automation products can maintain your home at a comfortable level at all times, monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. Avoid getting up or even be at home at all ti..
10 Dec Best Smart Home Automation India | Z-Wave India
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Year 2020 is going to be exciting for anyone who is going to get a new smart home automation system. Year 2019 has seen a huge growth in the number of new real estate projects. Homes in all the major cities and urban areas in India like Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai have all started getting automated. So lets eval..
28 Jun Hogar Controls Demo Kit from Z-Wave India
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One stop solution for all your needs. A perfect demo kit to highlight, showcase and provide a handson experience to your customer. Z-Wave Hogar Controls Demo Kit comes with Hogar Controls Smart Touch Panels, Lighting control, RGBW control, Dimming control, Alexa Voice control, Video Doorbell, Multi-room Audio, IP camera, Pebble touch scene con..
05 Nov Experts Take on Common Misconceptions About Smart Home and IoT
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Karan K,Technical Director, discusses his thoughts on consumer education in the smart home and IoT spaces. While the market for the IoT and smart home tech specifically is projected to grow exponentially in the next decade, the Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates recently found two-thirds of Indian consumers with broadband ar..
02 Nov Advantages to a Wireless Security System
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According to the National Crime Statistics, home robberies occur every 12 seconds. While there are multiple security options available, here are five reasons why a wireless home security system is the superior option when it comes to providing homeowners with peace of mind. Easy Install Simpler to install than traditional systems, the wireless..
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