Z-Wave India's Online store Why I can't see the price

Z-Wave India's Online store Why I can't see the price

Why I can’t see the price?

This is the most common question that we are asked. Z-Wave India’s online store is for the India’s largest network of Smart Home dealers and installers. If you are a home owner and if you wish to get the smart home products at the best price in your region, call us or leave us a note using our inquiry form. We assure you that you will get the best quote for the smart home products, installation and service in your area, GUARANTEED!!

Inquiry form: Your nearest smart home automation dealer or installer

Before you begin your smart home automation installation, we recommend an audit by one of our Star Smart Home dealers or installers. Our dealer or an installer will come and carefully inspect every room in your home to determine where they can automate and add other additional features that you can get FREE of cost. Then your needs and tastes will be examined and a custom made smart home solution with a complete installation package including Z-Wave India’s technical support for installation will be determined and offered for you. If you don’t like the offer made, you can always contact us to discuss  your options and other packages available. Let the experts work for you and get you the best product, best service at the best price.

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Whether you want to save energy or automate your appliances, Z-Wave India’s Smart Home Automation solution can be professionally installed anywhere in your home or in your office. From lights to windows, our professionally trained Smart Home dealers and installers have the skill and knowledge to properly install and integrate our z-wave smart home products with your existing standard electrical system to create the most comprehensive home automation solution in the industry. Z-Wave India has the most complete smart home solution in the industry including touch panel controls, lighting control, dimming solution, automatic scene control, AC control, Windows and Blinds control, Security Alarm system, Automatic door locks, remote monitoring, and wireless control where as other smart home solutions available in the market can offer only one of the above features.

Dealers, Installers and Re-sellers:

If you are a Smart Home dealer or an installer and if you have registered in our website but still can’t see the price, then its probably because you registered as a customer but not as a dealer or an installer. To see the price, you will have to register for an account and go through the dealer/installer sign up process. Please email us at info@z-wave.in to get started with the registration process.

Z-Wave India offers various special discounts to dealers, installers and re-sellers of home automation and networking products based on your region. Join our dealer program now! ask for wholesale discount program and receive bulk discounts. Call us to know which discounts you qualify for.

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Z-Wave India is the premier national distributor for the most advanced and unique home automation systems! Whether you are a professional installer or a dealer, our online store carries the supplies you need to create an incredible smart home. From top-quality home automation products to free tech support, Z-Wave India is your one-stop shop for designing and building a reliable, custom smart home system. We guarantee customer satisfaction by offering expert product advice, friendly service, competitive prices, fast shipping, and even professional dealer support. When you have a home automation project to complete, look no further than Z-Wave India.

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