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Common Questions

How will a Smart Home system appear in the home?

For years, Z-wave India has lead the industry in user interface form and function by combining a one touch experience with stunning aesthetics. Our unique family of graphical and physical user interfaces not only simply deliver a one-touch experience but will complement any décor.

Can a Smart Home be personal to the client??

Yes, this is the power of the Z-Wave India Smart Home systems.
Our systems can be programmed to respond to any schedule and any need. Scene names can be engraved on keypad buttons so they know what they are turning on and off. LCD touchscreens include only the items that they want to control; for example, you can personalize the pages by area of the home. .

Are these systems compatible with all phones?

Yes, In addition to buttons in on-wall stations Z-Wave India Smart Home Systems also offer on-wall touchscreens and complementary mobile tablet (iOS or Android) apps for users. With a mobile app you can “tuck your home in” from anywhere on the planet (wherever you have Internet access of course).

What will the Smart Home do on its own?

The quick answer to this question is “it will manage itself.” Away for the day or on vacation? Your Smart Home will keep lighting and heating to security and safety levels saving precious energy resources effortlessly for you. Late coming home? Security lighting automatically creates a safe perimeter and maintains the evidence that your home is occupied. Providing an added level of security to locks on doors. Up in the middle of the night? The same button press that would turn lights on bright during the day will only turn them on at a very low level during the middle of the night.

How will we interact with the Smart Home??

The answer to this question is quite simple, “Touch the button and watch the magic happen.” On Z-Wave India Smart Home System, each button can be programmed to do many things. One common application is the “Good Night” button. Press your “Good Night” button and your entire home can be put to sleep; all lighting with the exception of safety and security lighting will gradually dim off; other systems such as TVs, computers, audio players can also be put to sleep for the night; fountains and water features can be put to sleep as well. Your professional z-wave India integrator can program a “Good Night” button customized for you..